Thammasat University and the Faculty of Public Health Announce a New Research Hub: The Center of Excellence in Global Health

      Thammasat University announce the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Global Health located on Rangsit campus at the Faculty of Public Health. Focusing on scholarly research, public discourse and capacity building, the center formalizes academic partnerships between Thammasat University - Thailand, Hokkaido University - Japan, Maastricht University - the Netherlands, and Swinburne University - Australia.

      Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Orasa Suthienkul and in collaboration with the advisory team, the center will develop a dynamic research agenda that reflects emerging challenges in global health and catalyzes interdisciplinary and innovative work among investigators across Thammasat University and center’s international partners. The center’s research agenda transcends traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries and its faculty works collaboratively to leverage and build upon the University’s existing strengths and institutional priorities.